Choosing the best laptop stand for your workstation

A laptop stand is an exceptionally useful accessory that can raise the height of your laptop to a more favorable, comfortable, and effective working position. Nevertheless, it is inevitable to buy the right kind of laptop stand to match the intended use. In fact, laptop stands fall mainly into three different types namely, ultra-light, portable, and desktop.

Ultralight laptop stands

When it comes to ultralight laptop stands, they are a practical choice specifically for small notebooks and lightweight laptops that are built for the on-the-go professionals. The term lightweight means that those laptop stands are very easy to carry and collapse flat or into a very small package.

Portable laptop stands

Portable laptop stands are ideal for the workers who usually change their workstations. Pretty much all the portable laptop stands come with adjustable features so they allow you to maintain a very comfortable and ergonomic posture. These designs are compact enough even to fit the laptop bag. However, these designs are somewhat bigger and heavier compared to the ultra-light units.

Desktop laptop stands

Unlike the previous two models, the desktop stands are designed and manufactured for the permanent set up to provide the most comfortable working position. These laptop stands look the most stylish and made in materials like wood and metal. In addition to that, with no need to be portable, these relatively heavier stands can feature extras such as USB hubs, document holders, or cooling fans.

Other considerations when purchasing a laptop stand

Here are some other considerations that are important when you purchase a laptop stand

  • Height adjustability
  • The ability to adjust the height of your laptop stand is practical and incredibly useful for a variety of reasons. One of the major reasons is to place the laptop at the right height is to create a comfortable working position. This can significantly help to lower the potential risk of the neck, wrist, and back strain.

  • Integrated paper holder
  • In fact, an integrated paper holder is another useful feature for the worker that regularly references other materials while working. In general, this is placed in-line with the laptop screen to assure greater comfort and helps to minimize your neck movement.

  • A USB hub
  • A feature that has become more of a standard is the integrated USB hub. Well, this is a very practical option for those laptops that come with a limited number of built-in ports. Pretty much all of those hubs are easily powered by connecting to the laptop.

  • Swivel base
  • In general, a swivel base is considered to be a pretty versatile feature that becomes useful in a variety of situations. For instance, it can help with practices such as customer presentations, training, and collaborative working.

    In addition to that, having a cooling fan could be another useful option you should look for. In general, most stands come with enough space at the back or sides to offer convection cooling. In addition to that, stands made with aluminum are able to work much like a heat sink for your laptop.