Creating a home office space

In reality, finding a quiet place to work as a telecommuter can be pretty tricky. This is specifically true when you are trying to work that space into the regular, everyday chaos and clutter of your home. The best thing you can do in this case is set aside a small room or a relatively spacious corner in less frequently used rooms. Then, you should claim it as your home office space. Practically, you will not need much square footage to create a functional, well-organized, and productive office space. Also, establishing a set office space will help maintain your work and home lives separate.

Mentioned below are 3 easy ways to create a home office space

  • A small space office space
  • What if you would love to have a home office but there is no space to take over an entire room? In that case, you should consider converting an armoire or wall unit and create a cleverly concealed office. Try to find an armoire that can also work as a beautiful piece of furniture when the doors of the office are closed. Then, you should add shelves for books and papers, file drawers. Also, place a laptop stand as well. When it comes to the inside doors, you can consider adding corkboard and use pushpins to help organize your daily tasks. It should also be used to place memos and notes. When you close the doors, a functional workspace is perfectly concealed inside. After that, you can get to walk away from the "office" for the night!

  • Shared office space
  • Can you find one office space in your home but there are two people to share it? If that is the case, you could place two small desks back to back.  Also, you should use a double-sided bulletin board in between those desks. This gives each telecommuter a nicely separated, private, and personal space within the shared office. You could also try to create a work area by using two small bookcases as well for "legs". Then, you should use a custom cut piece of wood or plexiglass as the desktop. Then, you can add 2 chairs on either side and voila! You have a double desk and storage created from the low-rise bookcases. 

  • Closet space
  • Yet another handy concept for a home office is to convert a closet. You can fit the closet with a pretty small filing cabinet and cubes for storage. Also, you can use floating shelves, wire baskets, pegboards that are attached to the doors, hooks, sconce for lighting paired with a small chair. Once the workhours are completed, you can simply close the door and leave your work in the closet. Practically, you may not want to use the closet in your master bedroom for this purpose. In this case, a closet in the guest room would be an ideal option!

    Well, those are just a couple of easy home office design solutions for those who start to work from home.